One of the scientific world's most respected environmental prizes

Eric Lambin

Jury citation for the 2014 Volvo Environment Prize laureate

"Eric Lambin has successfully bridged social, geographical and biophysical disciplines in order to advance the global understanding of land use change and what it means for human wellbeing.

Eric Lambin has taken the global lead in placing a human face on defining human-environment interactions. He has driven a number of land use and land cover change studies, in different parts of the world. These projects are transdisciplinary and cover the local and global scales.  Using a people-to-pixel approach, he has developed knowledge on the transfer of infectious diseases, deforestation, human behaviour, conflict resolution and agricultural practice. His concern for the individual and the planet has resulted in extensive scientific publications as well as writing for a broader audience"

Eric Lambin is the 2014 laureate of the Volvo Environment Prize.